What I Bought On Amazon Last Month

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Recently I've been taking on a bit more financial responsibility and purchasing my own things that I need excluding food, so I've been doing a lot of shopping on Amazon. I get a lot of things from Amazon because it's the only place where I can bulk buy things (I bulk buy because I hate going to the stores and try to order online whenever I can, plus it lasts longer), so here is everything I bought on Amazon this month.

I'm taking a beginner art class this semester, so I bought a lot of art supplies:

Then there were some other toiletries and hygenic bits I bought, including:
Then it was time for the cleaning stuff, and I bought: 
Then it was time for the essentials, including: 
  • Amazon Basics Toolkit-I'm planning on getting a new vanity soon, and figured this would be a great thing to have in case anything breaks or if I need to check my computer battery.
  • Simple Portable Car Vacuum-Because everyone should clean out their cars once in a while. I dread to find out how dirty my car floors actually are. 
The last fun thing I bought myself was Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen. I already own two of her books (Adulthood is a Myth and Big Mushy Happy Lump), so I figured I'd buy her newest book too and see how good it is. I never buy books from Amazon, but it wasn't available in Barnes and Noble. 

Did you buy anything from Amazon last month? 

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