Game Review: TREE

by - Monday, March 18, 2019

Steam often has free to play games, meaning that you don't pay anything for them, and one of the games I got from the free to play category was TREE. TREE is about a tree, as per the name, which is taken care of by a boy and his dog, and it somehow manages to become emotional even though it's a simple game.

TREE starts off in the summer when the boy plants it and starts taking care of it, and gradually, the tree grows along with the boy, and you get to see the boy grow up into a teenager, and then into an adult where he eventually gets married and has a son, and you get to see the son grow up and the guy who originally planted the tree turn into an elderly man, and the game ends when the original planter of the tree dies, which is depicted by a funeral scene. The tree also changes with the seasons: in summer, it gets bigger and eventually grows apples, in spring, it grows blossoms, and in autumn, it turns orange and has its leaves fall off before winter, where it is completely barren.

Tree in winter

Tree in autumn 

Tree in summer

Tree in spring

The game is really cute, and reminds me a lot of That Dragon, Cancer in style. In addition to being cute, the game also only has three achievements: one you get for planting the first Tree, one for finishing the game, and one for picking 150 apples from the tree, making it one of the simpler games in my Steam library.

If you're looking for a simple cute game, or a game for your kid, this is definitely a good one.

Have you ever played TREE before?

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