How I Take Notes

by - Tuesday, March 05, 2019

If you're a student of any kind, then you know that note taking is such an important part of learning the material. However, taking notes for me doesn't really involve lecture time as it does reading my book, and here's how I take notes from my book.

Read over the book 
I usually read over the material first and I highlight if it's a looseleaf book (I find selling looseleaf books to be a hassle because they usually don't get taken back and most often, looseleaf books also come with an online lab so the entire book becomes void if you open the plastic covering). If it's a book that is in paperback form I use sticky tape, but most of the time I end up keeping the books for memory's sake.

Highlight definitions and other important bits of info. 
I usually highlight anything in bold as it's an important definition to know, and if it's something I find to be important I will also highlight it. It might seem intimidating because you might think that the entire chapter needs to be highlighted, but I quickly learned that there are only certain bits that need to be highlighted, such as additional info on a definition.

How I take notes
I don't like writing my book notes because it would involve a lot of writing and writing a lot makes my hands hurt, so I usually end up typing everything-I switch often between Google Docs and Word, which is handy as they are both interchangeable-you can upload a Word document into Google Docs, and you can convert a Google Doc into a Word Doc. I bring my Chromebook to class, and I also find that typing allows me to keep up with the class easier instead of having to scramble to write those last few words, and when I have to panic write, my handwriting becomes illegible and I don't know half of what I've written.

For my notes, I split them up into several parts. I split them up into definitions, important people, and additional info which makes it easier to study my notes as everything is sorted and not thrown into a plethora of notes.

How do you take your notes?

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