A Bookshelf Tour

by - Thursday, April 11, 2019

I barely write about anything personal, mostly because I'm an extremely private person and I value that privacy, but I've noticed that more and more people are popping up on this space, so I thought I'd try to be a little less private with my life and show more aspects of it. We're kicking it off with a bookshelf tour!

This is the very top shelf and I've just put a bunch of magazines here (mostly Bazaar and Seventeen). I also have some blogger props here too.

Second shelf is where I keep my jewelry (mostly my rings and my earrings). I also have my Red vs. Blue book here too.

Third shelf down is where I keep my actual books. I love the Vlogbrothers way too much

Fourth shelf down is the most random shelf of all since I have some Harry Potter stuff as well as my huge collection of shells (plus an Ulta magazine I should throw out but we'll talk about that later)

The last shelf is where I also keep random stuff like Sephora bags, and I have repurposed my copper basket as a place to put stuff I need everyday.

What's on your bookshelf?

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