Get To Know Me-Alphabetical Version!

by - Thursday, April 04, 2019

Since I've basically revamped my blog, I've also revealed very little information about myself on the internet, but I figured it'd be fair to let you guys know a bit about me, but this time we're going all the way from A-Z.

Anime-I've been an anime fan since I was 15, and that habit has died off a little bit but I still enjoy an odd bit of anime every now and again
Blogger-I've been blogging for roughly three and a half years. :)
Criminal Justice-what I'm studying now in college!
Dallas-My hometown <3. Every single member of my extended family lives there too.
Empathetic-sometimes I'm way too empathetic for my own good
Fallout 4-One of my favorite games of all time.
Gamer-even though I blog about beauty, I'm also a HUGE gamer at heart. I game primarily on PC and Xbox and I've begun to bring more gaming content onto my blog.
Halo-one of my favorite game series.
Introvert-I'm an ISFP!
John Green-my favorite author
Kind-I'm usually really nice unless you manage to make me mad
Lipsticks-I have probably over 100 lipsticks in my makeup collection
Makeup-I still have a soft spot for makeup even though I'm currently on a no-buy.
Nursing-One of my previous majors in a previous school before going to CJ.
Open world-one of my favorite types of game
Parkway Drive-One of my favorite bands
Quiet-how I usually am.
Rainbow-my actual aesthetic
Student-what I do besides streaming and blogging.
Twitch-I stream on Twitch! It's mostly for fun but I really hope I can become affiliated one of these days.
University-I'm going to be a college junior in summer
Vlogbrothers-I've been a Vlogbrothers fan since I was 17
Wanderlust-I have a lot of this and pin a lot of travel/nice photos on Pinterest
Xbox-I recently got an Xbox One S and it's the best decision I've ever made.
Youtube-I really hope I can retry Youtube one day!

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  1. whoa! That's a lot of lipsticks! Fun post :)

    1. Haha I know right? And I still keep collecting them! 🙈