Life Update!

by - Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Since my personal post did really well, let's just jump into it with a life update with the more recent things that have been happening!

I've been putting blogging on the back burner recently because I've been mainly focusing on streaming and gaming with friends! I've met so many friends through Xbox and it's been such a life changer, since I feel like I can talk to them about stuff that I would have normally kept private. Even though we don't live remotely near each other, I can't wait until I meet them all in person! The same goes for Discord (huh, I don't think I mentioned I'm on Discord but I am, I've been on Discord since January). I've made so many lovely new friends there too and I would love it if we could all meet.

Let's talk about another thing I've been doing: school! I'm almost done with the spring semester (trying to get on that dean's list for a third time in a row) and I will be taking four classes during the summer. I know it sounds like a lot, but they're all block (7-week) classes and I get a weeks' break in between (I'll be taking 2 classes per 7 weeks) so it all works out. If I speed it along I'll graduate college in a years time! The only thing I'm nervous about is that they're all night classes because summer.

Now onto the more serious life bits: my dad and my brother. My brother's birthday is coming up in 12 days (why tf is everyone's birthday in April?) and we'll be taking him home then (he lives in a group home). My dad's birthday is next month, and it'll be a big one because he'll be 62 and he's doing good (aka no new cancer growths or anything).

That's pretty much it for my April/May life update!

What's been going on with you guys?

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