Makeup Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette

by - Saturday, April 27, 2019

I finally got my paws on the Soft Glam palette after longing after it for several months, and it's one of the most beautiful palettes I have. The Soft Glam palette was originally intended for weddings, but since I am not getting married anytime soon, I figured I'd buy it because it's a pretty palette and its formula is identical to the Modern Renaissance palette.

The palette has 14 shadows, just like the Modern Renaissance palette, and also comes with a handy little brush.

Now onto the shadows themselves...
Tempera-This shade is also in the Modern Renaissance palette and is a pale beige. I use this mostly to set my eye primer and as a base shade.

✩ Glistening-Glistening is a pale gold (new)

Orange Soda-Orange Soda is a pale orange (new)

Rose Pink-Rose Pink is a surprising rosy bronze instead of the deep pink it is in the pan (new) 

Sultry-Sultry is a shimmery bronze (new)

Bronze-contrary to its name, Bronze is not bronze, but a deep gold (new)

Mulberry-This is one of my favorite shadows in the entire palette as it's a red toned berry (new)

Dusty Rose-Dusty Rose is yet another favorite and is a deep mauve pink (new)

Fairy-Fairy is a pale gold (new)

Burnt Orange-Burnt Orange is already in the Modern Renaissance palette and is a slightly deep orange 

Sienna-Another shadow that's already in the Modern Renaissance which is a brick brown 

Rustic-Rustic is a beautiful warm brown (new)

Cyprus Umber-Another repeat from the Modern Renaissance palette (dark brown) 

Noir-Noir is a deep black and although I normally hate blacks in palettes, I might just give this a chance. 

Overall, I LOVE this palette and you don't necessarily need to be a bride to wear this palette as you can also create everyday looks out of it too. 

Do you own any palettes from Anastasia? 

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