How I Create Content While Being a Full Time Student

by - Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Creating content when you're doing a full-time endeavor whether it be work or school can be pretty tiring, but somehow I manage to not only blog, I also manage a Twitch channel, work at my school, and attend classes full time, and here's the secret to how I do it all.

I don't do anything school-related over the weekends because it's no fun to do schoolwork on the only two days you have off, so that's when I do all my blog admin like photos, writing, and scheduling mainly.

Streaming schedule
I tend to stream every day (gotta get that Twitch Affiliate status someday!), except for Fridays, mostly for an hour or two. The weekends are when my bigger streams (2-3 hours, sometimes 4-5) take place.

Tool of the trade
My one saving grace for promoting content is IFTTT (If This Than That). IFTTT is an app/website that allows you to automate posts from two different platforms. I have IFTTT for Blogger (Blogger to Twitter, Blogger to Facebook Page, Blogger to Pinterest), Twitch to Twitter, and Twitch to Facebook.

Staying away from competition
I try to not compare myself to others, although sometimes I do slip up. However, I'm enjoying being having a tiny audience because that's what I feel comfortable with now on both my Twitch channel and blog, and maybe hopefully I'll continue to grow later, but for now, this is where I'm comfortable. I've also made the choice not to pursue streaming and blogging full time because it's always going to be a hobby for me; if I'm lucky it might even be a part-time endeavor, but I'd prefer to have a full-time job outside the house for stability purposes.

How do you manage working/schooling full time while blogging/streaming/Youtubing?

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