Life Update #2!

by - Friday, May 10, 2019

*throws in a year old pic of flowers because why not?*

Hey guys, it's been a while and it's already May wtf? I'll be 25 in like five months. Anyway, some life updates!

Bad news first, my uncle passed away over my spring break, so I had to go back to Texas for five days to attend the funeral, BUT there's some happy stuff as always thanks to my cousins. We played a lot of Mario stuff and Smash on the Switch and visited some cool places like the video game museum (totes recommend even though it's kinda small). Literally can't wait to go back to Texas, we're already aiming for Christmas.

Second of all, my summer classes start on Tuesday! They're all going to be at night (because that's the way stuff works), and they're block classes so they're 7 weeks long, and we meet once a week. I have 4 of these classes (2 per block), but apparently summer day classes are very difficult to come by.

Anyway that's my little life update, what's up with you guys?

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