Makeup Review: Urban Decay Naked Cherry

by - Saturday, May 04, 2019

Another palette review! At first I had no interest in the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette because I thought that some of the shades were from the Naked Heat palette, which I already have, but after a friend tagged me in a photo I changed my mind and now I have it!

Like all the other Urban Decay palettes, the Naked Cherry has 12 shadows, and they all have a distinct berry theme.

Now for some swatches!

Hot Spot-pale beige
Caution-brownish beige
Bang Bang-pale peach
Feelz-reddish brown

Juict-pale orange
Turn On-gold
Ambitious-deep copper
Bing-pinkish red

Young Love-red-orange
Drunk Dial-warm brown
Privacy-deep brown

There are a few things I appreciate about this palette. For instance, Urban Decay didn't stick an annoying black shade in this palette, which I know some people would prefer but personally I hate having a black shadow as I never use it, and it's unique in the sense that I've never seen a berry-themed palette in makeup before, and I'm already loving the palette as a whole!

Do you own any products from Urban Decay?

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