A Few Summer Makeup Favorites

by - Saturday, June 29, 2019

Everyone in the blogging world has seasonal makeup and beauty favorites, and normally I would divide all these up into separate blog posts, but I thought I'd just do a big ol' round-up of my summer makeup favorites.

Urban Decay Naked Heat
Some people would consider this to be more of a fall palette because this palette is literally just a myriad of orange, but I consider this more of a summer palette because of that reason.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette in Newtrals 2
Newtrals 2 could be a fall palette, but I can see myself using it during the summer too as it has some warm orange-y tones as well, so this is my summer/autumn palette.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Midnight
This is the one unusual liner I have in my collection as it's not black, but a really dark blue that looks really good during the summer with my orange-y eyeshadows.

Milani Rose Blush in Tea Rose, Blossomtime Rose
What makes these blushes summer appropriate is that Tea Rose is a light pale dusty pink, but Blossomtime Rose is a shimmery peachy pink that's not too bright and obnoxious for my complexion.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm
During the summertime I do love a good lipgloss or a good tinted lip balm as I can't be bothered with the maintenance of a classic lipstick during this time of year, and I absolutely adore the Fresh Sugar Lip Balms for being nourishing as my lips are still stupidly dry during this time of year for whatever reason, and they also contain SPF. I have three of the shades in my collection: Petal, a nice pink nude, Bloom, my current favorite and a neutral pink, and Tulip, a sheer hot pink.

Butter London Plush Rush Tinted Lip Treatment 
In accordance to the tinted lip balm love during this time of year, the Butter London Plush Rush Tinted Lip Balms are very similar to the Fresh balms, only less nourishing. I have the shade Double Play which is a beautiful neutral mauve.

BareMinerals Buttercream Lipgloss
I've gone on about these lipglosses so much that it should come to no surprise how much I love them. They're subtle enough for school or work if you're not allowed to wear heavy makeup but they also feel quite nourishing, which is a real surprise for a lipgloss.

Essence XXL Lipgloss
Talking about this product really bums me out because it's been discontinued, but I love how sparkly these are, and they do provide a hint of color as well. Unlike other sparkly lipglosses, the XXL lipglosses are not plumping in the slightest, so no need to worry about painful lips afterward!

BareMinerals Original Mineral Foundation
When summer rolls around, I normally break out the powder foundations as they are basically two products in one (a foundation and a setting powder). My favorite is the BareMinerals Original Mineral Foundation as it's non-comedogenic, meaning it won't cause any skin nasties like blackheads, and it's also a great match for my skin type (oily).

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue
This is the liquid foundation of the season as it doesn't really require any powder to set it and it still covers up the bits that need covering. It also is non-comedogenic, a plus for the oily skinned girls who get even oilier in summer like me.

Do you have any summer makeup favorites?

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