Five Summer Wardrobe Staples

by - Thursday, June 27, 2019

Now that it's started to get warmer, it's definitely time to transition from the spring clothing to the summer clothing. I know summer clothing changes depending on where you live, but where I live it can get really hot, so here are my five summer wardrobe staples

There's something I love about a playsuit because some of them can be cute, but they're also a pain when it comes to personal business (ladies you know what I'm talking about). They can even be versatile, as you can dress them up for a formal event or a date.

I used to hate kimonos, but now I have a new appreciation for them especially since I got my starry print one from Cotton On. They're perfect for the beach, and for when it's just a bit too chilly to be going out with bare shoulders.

Now for some shoes...

Every time spring and summer come around I always break out the Converse. They go with 95% of the items in my wardrobe, and they're perfect if you need to walk long distances.

My one pair of Toms have been loved to the moon and back because they are almost destroyed (and I'm thinking about replacing these and possibly buying a new pair). They're perfect for school and I've also worn them to work, but just don't wear them when it's raining.

I have an addiction to these and have since acquired three more pairs, but these are the best flat shoe I own. They're quite versatile like my converse and comfortable too, and come in so many different designs so there's always one for an outfit.

What are your summer wardrobe staples?

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