Reviewing: BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette

by - Friday, June 21, 2019

I usually don't use colorful eyeshadows (I'm a neutrals gal through and through), but I wanted to insert a bit more color into my eyeshadow collection and got inspired by some games I've been playing lately (namely, Overwatch), so I purchased the BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil palette.

The palette itself has 35 shadows and it's the loveliest colored palette I've ever used. The pans might seem a little small, but you don't need a lot of shadow to get a lot of pigment.

Swatches (done by row)! Notice how each row represents a rainbow.

A look I tried to do (inspired by from Overwatch).

I LOVE this palette! I never thought I'd love a colorful palette, but I like how creative I can get with this, and I'm definitely planning more looks with it.

Have you bought anything from BH Cosmetics?

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