A Bath & Body Works Soap Haul!

by - Saturday, July 06, 2019

I wanted to include this post in my "What I Bought in June" post but posting 5 links at once wouldn't do me any favors so I decided to turn this small hand soap haul into its own post (as uninteresting as it seems).

White Citrus
A twist of fresh lemon & bright tangerine with a hint of ginger flower

Black Cherry Merlot
A rich, fruity blend of dark cherry, black raspberry & merlot

Lavender Marshmallow 
A sweet, soothing mix of lavender, vanilla marshmallow & warm amber

Peach Bellini 
A delicious twist of juicy peach, white apricot & fresh mango

Rosewater and Iby
A fresh-cut bouquet of soft rose petals, rain-kissed ivy & soft musk

I'll also have a post up of what I got during their Semi Annual Sale up soon! 

What did you buy from Bath & Body Works recently? 

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