A Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Haul

by - Thursday, July 18, 2019

Aside from the Bath & Body Works sale, the other sale I can't resist is the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale. This encompasses not only VS itself, but Victoria's Secret Pink, which is basically made for girls around my age. I know underwear and lingerie isn't really a topic that's talked about in the blogging world, but I thought I'd still show off what I bought.

I made two online orders, and here's what I bought in the first one (by the way everything in this first haul is sold out so SORRY):

I basically got four pairs of underwear-three hipsters and one cheeky.

I also bought a sports bra, a bralette, and a regular bra.

Clothes wise, I got three items: a pullover hoodie, a pair of yoga pants, and a pair of satin pajama pants.

The second order did not contain any clothes (everything that I even semi-wanted was out of stock, which worked out because I'm trying to save money anyway), so I settled for two convertible bras (you can wear them strapless or with the straps) and nine pairs of underwear-4 cheekies and 5 hiphuggers.

I went in store one last time before the sale ended and bought four pairs of underwear (three hiphuggers, one bikini) and a bra top which cost me $12 despite it being in the $15 bin (total steal and it's cute af).

Did you get anything from the VS Semi-Annual Sale?

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