An ASOS Jewelry Haul & Two New Bags from Thinkgeek

by - Tuesday, July 30, 2019

June was a spendy month, and this is yet another post that marks that. I bought several jewelry pieces from ASOS (as I now have three piercings per ear) as well as two purchases from Thinkgeek as they were having a moving sale.

I got a pair of cross hoop earrings and a pair of simple hoop earrings...

Plus this pair of mismatched hoops (one has  star, the other has a moon)...

Another pair of mismatched earrings...

And finally, these pair of star ear crawlers.

The two bags I got from Thinkgeek were a Charmander crossbody bag and a bunny backpack, both of which I love.

Have you bought any new jewelry lately?

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