Reviewing: The Canon G7X & Canon T7i

by - Friday, July 26, 2019

As always, with my big purchases, they are often quite impulsive but sometimes pay off, so it's all good. These two impulsive purchases were made after I thought it'd be a good idea to reboot my Youtube channel after having deleted it once (nothing big, just filled with terrible iPhone 6S-shot tutorials).

The first camera I bought was the Canon G7X Mark II, also known as the vlogging camera everyone on bloody Youtube uses and I can see why. It's super easy to use, and it also comes in handy for blog photos (at least if you're like me and totally inept at taking #ootd photos). It's also quite affordable (camera wise), and it's super lightweight too.

The other camera I bought (aka the bigger one I'll probably never take out of the house) is the Canon T7i. This is on the more affordable end of DSLR/SLR cameras (coming in at roughly $700), and what really surprised me is that the internal mic is really good, which means you don't need all the other fancy stuff you need to make Youtube videos like an external mic. The kit that I bought also came with a remote, so this camera is definitely going to be used for blogging purposes as well (outfit shots anyone?). I've already gotten one lens for it for photography purposes. :D

Have you bought either of these cameras?v

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