What I Want To Do For The Rest of the Year

by - Sunday, July 28, 2019

It's almost the end of July when this post comes out, and there's only 4 months left in the year (shock horror), and there's some things I want to do before 2020 because that's going to be a big year (college graduation hopefully, followed by me hopefully moving back to my hometown and hopefully going to my first ever convention).

Continue my Youtube channel 
I've restarted my Youtube channel and despite it being the most panic-inducing thing I've ever done (due to me being extremely shy), it's given me a lot of self-confidence. Also, it gives my cameras a good use as well!

Continue searching for mental help 
I might make a post detailing my mental health issues, but I've dedicated part of my free time to looking for professional psychiatric help because there was a point in time about last month where I decided "oh f*ck I do need the help".

Continue streaming
I finally FINALLY figured out my Elgato issues (HELL YEAH!) and I'm now figuring out how to include my own audio with a mic, so expect a few more streams here and there when my schedule allows (working 5 hours per day plus having 5-hour long classes two days a week  ain't helping).

Plan a trip to New York
I've been meaning on planning a trip to New York for a while, especially since my best internet friend and my cousin live there, and there's also a ton of stores I want to hit up, like Muji.

What do you want to do for the rest of the year? v

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