15 Adult Things I Still Haven't Done or Can't Do or Don't Have

by - Monday, August 26, 2019

At 24 (almost 25), there should be some "adult" things I should probably know by now, but don't and would probably be f**ked if an emergency came up, so here they are!

Changing a tire-If I ever get stuck on the road because of a flat tire, F in the chat.
Saving money-I'm trying to learn this, but yeah I'm terrible at saving
Investing in stocks-Someone help me learn.
Investing in a 401k-I keep telling myself I'll invest when I'm 30...
Moving out-I'm gonna do this when I finally get my damn degree I promise!
A college degree-One more year to go!
Savings account-I'm gonna open one later this year because I need to
Cook proper food-I'm still learning but at least I haven't burnt down the house
Found an adult job-Aka not retail or food.
Found an adult book-I'm slowly going into that territory, but I can't let go of my young adult fiction
Hotwire a car-If my car ever runs out of battery I'm also screwed
Buying groceries-This is what I get when I still live at home rip
Gone on a date-Rip love life
Parallel parking-I've only done this once when taking driver's ed in school, haven't used it again since
Bought proper business clothes-Cuz no job yet.

What are some adult things you still can't do/haven't done/don't have?

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