20 Things All Content Creators Can Relate To

by - Thursday, August 22, 2019

Content creators often have so much to do, whether or not they're on Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, or blog. I happen to be on three platforms (Youtube, blog, and Twitch), so I know what the struggle is like, so here's some things that maybe all content creators can relate to no matter what your niche is.

  1. Constantly worrying about your work even though you aren't getting paid for it yet 
  2. Constantly worrying that your channel/blog will be ruined forever if you don't upload and therefore being unable to take an ACTUAL break/hiatus 
  3. Lusting over anything rose gold for those beauty and lifestyle bloggers 
  4. Not being able to play any game without thinking about streaming it 
  5. The dreaded moment when you realize you've exhausted your supply of ideas and now have to hunt for inspiration 
  6. Getting overly excited about photographing all the flowers when spring rolls around 
  7. The dreaded "how do I answer this question?" when asked how you make money or how much you make 
  8. Trying not to buy the 1000 new lipsticks from the drugstore when you walk in and see all the new in items for beauty bloggers
  9. Trying to get blog photos when you seriously have no idea what you want to photograph 
  10. Not wanting to seem boring so you switch up your blog photography style/videos 
  11. Having no idea where to begin when it comes to starting your own business 
  12. Bothering your boyfriend/fiance/husband to take outfit photos when the area's clear of people 
  13. Getting up early just to get the perfect shot because you know there's not going to be anyone around 
  14. People giving you weird looks when you're doing a shoot in the middle of the road
  15. Spending all your money on makeup/equipment/games 
  16. Wondering if you're even good enough to get sponsorships/ad revenue (if unpaid) 
  17. The dreaded comparison trap
  18. You dream of going to all those places that Youtubers go to like New York and Paris 
  19. Hoping to be good enough to go to conventions like PAX and E3 
  20. That dreaded feeling when you're the only one viewing your own stream. 
Do you find any of these relatable? 

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