A Target Stationery Haul!

by - Thursday, August 15, 2019

I had to make a quick Target run because one of my classes didn't allow laptops unless we had the e-Book (which is kind of understandable but also a little annoying because I hate handwriting notes), so I got a lot of stationery, mostly notebooks.

The first thing I'm gonna go over are the notebooks. I bought five of them, which is a bit overkill, but they're all pretty cute (and all pretty blogger-worthy).

The first two notebooks are possibly the girliest out of the five, and I think the brand is called Cambridge edition. They are laid out like an agenda, with dates on the top, and I like that layout because it'll help me with note taking.

I also got these two pink and gold ones-a beauty blogger's dream, lolz. They're both designed like regular notebooks, so they're great for general note-taking. The last thing I bought was an agenda, which I have written in, and it's used for everything-class, work, appointments, and even the stuff I do online-planning blog posts, planning streams, and planning videos!

I also got a set of colored pens-I had bought these for class notes but they also come in handy when color coding the different things I write in my agenda.

The last thing I bought were these felt markers, mostly for class notes to make headers.

Have you bought any stationery lately?

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