August Snack Crate-Caribbean!

by - Tuesday, August 27, 2019

For about two months, I've been subscribed to this little box called Snack Crate, where they basically mail you snacks from all over the world. Last month's theme was British snacks, and this month's theme was Caribbean snacks (mostly from Trinidad and Tobago).

The box had the information brochure in it as well as several cute stickers (all of them live on my school laptop now)

The packaging looked nice, with languages I unfortunately don't understand as well as a Jolly Roger sticker (which now lives on my streaming laptop)

The package was overwhelmingly sweet products, with the only three salty snacks being a pack of Big Foots, which is sort of like Hot Cheetos, Chick n Chips, which are chicken flavored chips (I got the tomato flavored one, not bad at all), and my favorite out of the bunch were definitely the banana chips (which was so unexpected-I expected them to taste semi sweet, not like an actual chip).

Now onto the sweet stuff...
I got a pack of strawberry flavored corn snacks (not gonna lie these were pretty bomb), two packs of Ovaltine cookies (also all gone), and a Coco Crisp bar, which basically was an Almond Joy without the almonds.

I also received some ginger biscuits, some pineapple and coconut cakes, a chocolate digestive, a Catch bar, which is basically like a Crunch bar but with caramel, and a Nuggle bar, which I assume is like a Snickers bar.

Overall, Snack Crate is a great way to try a lot of brand new international snacks if you're interested in that kind of stuff, and I do have a referral code if you'd like to try the crate out yourself. It comes in 3 sizes-the mini, which comes with 5-6 full sized snacks (roughly half a pound), the original, which comes with 9-12 full sized snacks (roughly 1 pound), and the premium crate, which comes with 16-20 full sized snacks (roughly 3 pounds).

Have you ever tried a food sub box before?

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