Enough is Enough.

by - Sunday, August 04, 2019

This isn't something I'd normally write, but because it ties so closely to what I'm majoring in college (criminal justice), I can't keep quiet about it. Maybe it's due to me listening to This is America on repeat for the past two hours but who knows?

Two mass shootings back to back. One in El Paso, Texas, the other in Dayton, Ohio. 20 people died in the El Paso shooting, 10 people in the Dayton shooting. 26 people injured in El Paso, 27 people injured in Ohio. That totals 30 people killed and 53 people hurt due to senseless violence. Both caused by two individuals who were obviously not mentally fit (also fueled by racism) ootings, there would be more of them shown on the news, and therefore, more people in jail for playing violent video games.

How many more people need to be hurt or killed before something is done about gun control?

To those wondering what they can do, call or write to your congresspeople. Tell them exactly what's on your mind.

Here's a list of all the mass shootings that have taken place internationally. Shocked, but not surprised, huh?

I really hope things won't be this bad tomorrow.

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