First Impressions: Zoeva Cocoa Blend & Spice of Life Palettes

by - Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I've been wanting these palettes for a long time, and since I finally got them, let's jump straight into the reviews! The Cocoa Blend and Spice of Life palettes from Zoeva are both beautiful palettes-the Cocoa Blend palette is more neutral, while the Spice of Life Palette is more warm toned and red. The palettes contain 10 shadows each, but the packaging is unfortunately made of cardboard which makes it feel slightly cheap, but the fact that it seems to be high quality cardboard makes it decent. 

As mentioned above, the Spice of Life palette is warm toned while the Cocoa Blend palette is slightly more neutral.

  • A Nuance-pale beige 
  • Unlike Any Other-silvery bronze 
  • Fortuitous Moments-slightly rosy bronze 
  • Balance the Contrast-slightly deep crimson 
  • The Flavor-golden brown 
  • Of The Flavor-pale reddish brown 
  • Surprises of Life-cinnamon brown 
  • Favorite Discovery-coppery brown 
  • Variety is Key-deep brown 
  • Shared Joy-matte brown 

Next is the Cocoa Blend palette, and some swatches! 

  • Bitter Start-pale beige 
  • Sweeter End-pale champagne 
  • Warm Notes-browny cranberry 
  • Subtle Blend-pale bronze 
  • Beans are White-deep blackened brown 
  • Pure Ganache-deep gold
  • Substitute for Love-toffee 
  • Freshly Toasted-cocoa brown 
  • Infusion-deep deep brown (almost black)
  • Delicate Acidity-reddish brown 

All in all I love the quality of the palettes, as they're pretty good for $18, and they're also beautiful as mentioned like 10000 times in this post. They also have no smell, which is good for those of us who hate it when our eyeshadows smell. 

Have you tried anything from Zoeva? 

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