How To: Makeup for ID/Passport Photos!

by - Wednesday, August 21, 2019

IDs and passports are a must, especially if you're traveling or driving. It can be kind of nerve wracking choosing what makeup to wear because you don't want your ID photo to look potato-ish, but you don't want to look unrecognizable either, but here are some tips that I've learned over the years.

Neutral eyeshadow
When I know it's time to get my ID renewed, I often go for a neutral eyeshadow or a one wash shadow that's barely there, as it makes me look more recognizable than i I was wearing a rainbow look on my eyes.

Nude/neutral blush
I also love a neutral or nude colored blush because it is subtle, but good if you need a little color in your face and it doesn't detract from the photo.

Subtle highlighter
If you need glow, use a subtle highlighter. Subtle highlighters are better than practically having a disco ball on your face

Neutral lips
Always always ALWAYS go for a neutral lip because it will make you look the most recognizable and you'll have a better chance getting through TSA than you would with a bright red lip.

Do you have any tips for ID/passport photos?

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