The Sunday Debrief #1: Last Week of Summer Classes!

by - Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hello and welcome to the first ever Sunday Debrief! This is just weekly life updates about what I've been up to! 

  • I've finally finished with my summer classes, which only leaves me with a week to get my stuff for fall which starts September 3. I've also got a good chance of making the dean's list again. 
  • I've been working my new job for 2 weeks. It's in retail, which I have done previously, so it's no big. It's not the best, but it is better than nothing. 
  • I've also been trying to take an internet hiatus-this primarily means Discord, but also everything else like Instagram. 
  • I've been trying to change the way I do my blog content, so I can have posts up that I put 110% of my mind into making, not some half-assed thing to put up just for the sake of having content. 

Basically been unhealthy and ate out a lot, which is bad, but when you're in a pinch it works. Everyone said "you can't make fast food look good in photos" and I said "hold my drink y'all". 

I've been obsessed with the Ace Attorney anime after watching my internet best friend Tabi play the game on her Twitch channel. It basically follows the same storylines for the episodes in the Ace Attorney game. Youtube-wise, I've been liking simple living videos, and I've turned back to Lavendaire as well as some newer channels I'm subbed to like Haegreendal and Ondo.  I've also been enjoying this episode of All Gus August from Achievement Hunter (also I love Left 4 Dead). 

Listening to: 
I've basically been listening to a lot of podcasts, including some old favorites like The Minimalists podcast and Letters From a Hopeful Creative, but also some newer discoveries like By Creatives, For Creatives by Lucy from Forever September and Approachable by the one and only Samantha Ravndahl and her best friend Alyssa. 

I've been playing a lot of forgotten favorites this time around-like Monday I streamed Red Dead Redemption 2 and Thursday I streamed Resident Evil 2. I've been so busy I've barely had time to game except when I'm streaming fml. 

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