Trying out CYO Products!

by - Saturday, August 31, 2019

CYO was a brand that I've always wanted to try after hearing good things about the brand from bloggers who live in the UK, but unfortunately, the brand is being discontinued, but you can still get products until February of next year! I'm going to quickly share all of the products I hauled before finding out that they were being discontinued...

The two eyeshadows I got were the Matte About It Eyeshadow in Nothing To It and the Crush on Metal Metallic Eyeshadow in Cooey. Both eyeshadows are pretty decent, nothing special. The Matte About It shadow feels like every other matte shadow I've had, and the Crush on Metal feels like my Catrice Liquid Metal shadow singles. I also got the Just Wing It liner, which personally isn't the best liner I've tried but it's decent for a drugstore felt tip liner.

I also got my hands on the Long Lasting Lifeproof Foundation, which is seriously one of the best matte foundations in the drugstore price range I've tried as I reach for it so often, and the All Set Fixing Powder, which is a great drugstore loose powder.

The two face products I got were the Crush on Blush in the shade Tell It Straight, which is basically a pale neutral nude blush and the Shimmer Switch in In The Clouds, which is a mix of pink, champagne, and bronze and the design reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. The blush is one of the only decent matte blushes from the drugstore I've tried and I love the Shimmer Switch, as it's a great highlighter that's shimmery, but not way too shimmery that it makes you look like a glitter bomb from space.

The last products are all lipsticks, and I got two of the Matte Lot of Good Lipsticks in Tune!, which is a bright orange-red, and Sleepover, a pale pink. These lipsticks are pretty good quality for drugstore matte lipsticks, as they don't drag. I also got the Colour Nutrition Lipsticks in the shades Rekindling, which is a brown-toned mauve, and Living Together, which is a peachy nude. These lipsticks are more nourishing than the matte lipsticks, but strangely don't feel oily at all.

Swatches: Tune!, Sleepover, Rekindling, Living Together

Have you tried anything from CYO?

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