What Do You Need to Start Streaming?

by - Monday, August 26, 2019

There's so many streamers on Twitch and Mixer now, but everyone always worries if they need to have the 10467 pieces of equipment that most streamers seem to have, and just like blogging, you only need a couple of basic things!

Whatever you're playing games on, obviously
Whether it's your Xbox, Playstation, or PC, all you need is the platform you want to play your games on!

Twitch/Mixer App
Luckily for most console users, both Xbox and Playstation have a built-in Twitch app that you can download and stream directly from if you can't afford a capture card. You can even attach a webcam to one of the USB ports on either console. Be sure to hit the option that includes your party's audio if you're in a party with several people! For Xbox, you can choose from Twitch, or you can broadcast on Mixer, which is basically Twitch's competitor.

One of my most used free software from when I used to stream on PC was OBS, and even though it looks complicated at first (you need to adjust the threshold if you're using a mic), it's actually quite useful and easy after a while. I use it occasionally in conjunction with the Elgato.

Headphones with a Mic 
If you're planning on streaming, you need a good pair of headphones with a mic attached, but since most people with consoles should have one anyway to communicate with friends, this is basically unnecessary unless you don't have one.

Optional items: 
This was completely optional, but I bought an Elgato simply because I was tired of some games completely lagging out the Twitch app whenever I tried to stream on the Xbox. I bought the HD60, which is the smaller, external one. This comes with the HD60 itself, as well as one HDMI cable. To set it up to your console, you need two HDMI cables: one to attach the console to your HD60, and another to connect the other end of the HD60 to your output method (TV or monitor). To use the Elgato, you need to download their Game Capture software (they also have an optional Sound Capture, but I feel like you don't need it unless you're recording your own voice to use over the game's audio).

If you want to capture party chat (on Xbox or Playstation), definitely grab yourself the Chatlink, which you can plug in the audio output hole in your controller.

With a bit of tweaking on the Game Capture, you should be good to go!

This is actually something I have (I have the Razer Kiyo) and use occasionally, but again, this is an optional thing if you don't feel comfortable with showing your face. I know I used to be like that for a long time, and just did it one day and I plan on doing more facecam streams.

Separate Mic
A good mic is optional but not a requirement to stream. For example, everyone is going after Blue Yeti mics, but because I can't afford one yet, I use a little external one from Amazon Basics. Only buy this is you're comfortable with people hearing your voice.

Streaming/Gaming computer
This is a topic of heated debate (hello console vs pc war), but we all know that having a streaming computer, much less a gaming computer, can be very expensive. I plan on getting one, but only after I've paid off everything I need to pay off and saved a bit to move out. Gaming and streaming computers can be $1000 at minimum because of all the cooling systems needed for your computer to not overheat. Of course, you could resort to a gaming or streaming laptop, but laptops eventually will run out of power and battery.

Overall, streaming is quite fun, but you only really need yourself, whatever platform you're playing on, and a streaming app, not any of the fancy schmancy stuff all the other streamers have these days.

What other things do you need to stream?

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  1. Great advice. I've often thought about getting into streaming but never knew where to even start. Thank you for sharing.