What I Bought in July

by - Thursday, August 01, 2019

Here come the monthly round up of all the things, but done a little differently! As always I'm excluding the items that I include in a haul/review but I thought I'd throw in some pictures too!

I bought some candy from a little store called Lolli and Pops and I got two Milka Bars (one Triple Chocolate, one Oreo), a little grab bag of gummies and jelly beans, and Cadbury Dairy Buttons. Worth. It.

I also pre-ordered the Overwatch Cookbook and bought The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Yes, I've fallen into that hole.

Because I don't have proper sandals, I bought two pairs from Target and I love them both so I'm keeping them.

I also bought a katana from Amazon. Y'know the drill.

I also hauled another pair of Toms, but this time in plain black as my black lace ones are starting to slightly fall apart and I've worn those things half to death by this point.

(Side note: This is proof why I'll never be a fashion blogger, can't get perfect shots omegalol). I also got an Overwatch Hoodie because I'm lame af and a gigantic nerd.

The biggest thing has to be my iPad which is mostly used for creative purposes (and sometimes school for note taking), and the case I got for it.

I got a skin for my Nintendo Switch joycons (because my cousin has the same color joycons as me and I don't want to take his home by accident)

I also got a Dragonsheen backpack from Hot Topic.

I also bought Million Dollars But... which is a card game based on the series from Rooster Teeth

I got 3 pairs of black skinnies-two from Target and one from American Eagle because I started a new job! Exciting things!

The last thing I bought were these folders for school stuff (and blogger props of course).

I also got some games for Xbox and PS4:

  • RE2 remake 
  • Destroy All Humans 
  • The Last of Us
  • Days Gone
  • Destroy All Humans (1 & 2)
What did you buy this month? 

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