What You Really Need for the First Day of School (College Edition)

by - Thursday, August 15, 2019

It's almost time for college, whether or not you're totally new and about to be a freshman or returning after time away ,and you're probably wondering what you really need for college. College is very different from high school, so the list is also going to be different.

Planner/Calendar/any type of agenda-one way that college is different from high school is that in college, they usually give you homework right off the bat, so it's best to write it down somewhere you won't forget, such as a planner, calendar, or even a journal you use as a planner/bullet journal

Textbook-Always make sure to bring the textbook in case you need to reference it later!

Something to write notes on-usually this can be a notebook, iPad with a note-writing app, or your laptop, but it really depends whether or not your teacher allows electronics to be used during class, but usually the lessons start right away after the intros and admin things are done, so better to have something to write notes with.

Looseleaf paper-It's usually best to have looseleaf paper just in case you need to turn in an in-class assignment.

Pen/Pencil-usually a blue or black pen or pencil will do for the first day, in case you're not sure what supplies to bring, especially if you're taking an art or design class. It'll also be handy for writing notes and in-class assignments like mentioned above.

What other items did/should you bring on the first day of school in college?

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