Why You Should Start A Blog

by - Sunday, August 18, 2019

I've seen many posts saying that blogging is dead, and even I've made a post questioning whether or not blogging is sustainable, but in fact, blogging is NOT going to be going away any time soon; we just have to adapt, and here's why.

Your blog is your platform
I know that everyone prefers videos or short-form content on Instagram, but the bad thing and reality of platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram is that you're literally at the mercy of those platforms. Whatever happens to those platforms, you're going to suffer the consequences of. Social media platforms always rise and die and when a social media platform dies, so does the method of which you showcase your work.

When you have your own blog, you can do whatever the hell you want on it without having to suffer the consequences of whatever your hosting platform is. You can keep your blog casual like mine or transform it into the more editorial styles of many popular blogs. It really doesn't matter what you want to do, as long as you're happy with what you're putting out there.

It's never going to be oversaturated
Despite what anyone thinks, there isn't any cap number on the number of blogs that are allowed to be on the internet. If you want to make a blog, GO AHEAD AND DO IT! Don't believe anyone who tells you the blogging world is oversaturated because it's simply not true. If you're lacking views, find different ways to market yourself! If you've run out of inspiration for posts, take an online break or look through your favorite blogs and you'll find inspiration.

Blogging teaches you many skills
Blogging teaches you a lot of skills that you never could have thought it would have taught you. It has taught me some marketing skills that I never could have learned even if my major was marketing, like self promotion, SEO, and how to put myself out there, and it's taught me some photography skills as well, from editing on mobile, to how to manually focus on a subject I'm photographing on my Canon T7i, and even iPhone photography and how to make a perfect flatlay.

Blogging teaches you how to be resourceful
Blogging has definitely taught me how to be resourceful as there are many ways to use everyday objects as background props in photos. Don't throw out that old lace dress that doesn't fit anymore, as you could use it as a backdrop, or those flowers that are just sitting there looking pretty could serve as a blogging prop in beauty posts. There are also a lot of free editing tools like Canva to make blog graphics, or VSCO and Snapseed for editing. You don't necessarily need to bust out the big bucks for an iMac or Photoshop, use what you have and use what you can afford.

Blogs can change as you do
You can change your blog to match your lifestyle needs. For example, this blog started out purely as a beauty blog (I've since deleted those posts), and now it's transformed into a mishmash of lifestyle, beauty, fashion, gaming, and other stuff to reflect my tastes.

Do you own a blog?

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