Yet Another Content Shake Up!

by - Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I seem to do these every year don't I but here's another yearly content shake up after reviewing everything I've written in 2018=2019, and here's some things I'm adding to the blog, keeping on the blog, and removing on the blog (maybe to other platforms).


  • All "makeup I wore on my face" posts. I'm removing them because they felt half-assed and I was only making them for the sake of making them. They will not make a reappearance on Instagram or any of my other platforms because all my makeup looks the same anyway and I end up using some of the same products daily so what's the point in seeing the same stuff daily? 
  • All "work outfit" posts. I can't shoot a fashion flatlay to save my own life. 
  • Any other half-assed posts on my blog have been removed, so there goes 50% of my blog. 
  • Hauls-I still will keep hauls up on the blog because even though I could make them into a video for my Youtube, I absolutely suck at descriptions so on the blog they'll stay! 
  • First impressions-I find writing first impressions are waaaay easier than basically spewing out words that make no sense on camera. 
  • Photography posts-Why not show off my skills here as well as on my photography blog? These will be sporadic though. 
  • Video posts-what better way to promote my Youtube than on my own blog? 
  • Sunday posts-I've been toying around with doing Sunday posts as some blogs do them as a summary to their weeks, so I might try and do that even though I am perfectly boring. 
  • More school and lifestyle posts-to make up for the lack of beauty posts due to an unexpected no buy/low buy that I plan to keep until the rest of the year 
Scheduling change! 
  • I will be changing the time I post to 11 am and changing the frequency of when I post. Instead of posting every day like I used to, I'll be posting on certain days! 

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