A September Change of Plans & Rants!

by - Tuesday, September 03, 2019

September is a good month to have a fresh start; I don't know if it's because I'm a college student myself or if it's the years of going into school this time of year, but I'm excited about making September all about having a fresh start. 

First off, I want to say happy September to everyone, as it's the unofficial start to autumn. There's so much I want to say and tell you, but we'll start with some changes in scheduling to all my social media pages. 

New schedule for everything 
I decided that this was a good month to start really thinking about my schedule for my blog, Youtube, and Twitch, mostly because I've felt so unmotivated and because I've been working a new job for a month (while at the same time trying to find some other things that could count as a co-op opportunity at my school and also deciding whether or not I want to take 5 classes instead of the usual 4 so I can graduate faster), and I've come up with a new posting schedule because I can't do it all by myself. My schedule changes with school so here's what my schedule will be this time around: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday-blog posts 

Welcome to fall
As a true Halloween baby (my birthday comes 6 days before Halloween), I LOVE the autumn, and I love how things get a little quieter around this time of day (except for Black Friday where everyone goes insane) and I can't wait to capture the fall colors on my T7i. 

The worst summer ever 
I desperately want my platforms to become the way that I earn money, but I've had a tough summer because I've been discouraged by myself so many times with both my blog and my Twitch channels, mostly because I've had very few views on my posts. It's been especially bad with my blog because I've been doing it for 4 years now and I've been wondering why I haven't had any opportunities, and any blogger opportunities app or website I've encountered required a certain amount of followers which I unfortunately haven't reached yet. I've even been looking at how to become a copywriter but I tend to think way too negatively and worry about not having clients at all. For a while I just felt the worst about myself, thinking that I'd be stuck in retail for the rest of my life because something I've done made my blog fail and not earn money, but since finding blogging RT accounts on Twitter, my views have shot up a bit, but not by a lot, and I've been looking at ways to grow my blog's traffic. That, along with some personal stuff that has literally forced me to be off social media for a while, has led to this summer becoming the worst summer of my life. This wasn't something I wanted to write, but it's time I got real with you guys and show you that not all bloggers get paid; most of us don't even get paid at all and some of us are frustrated at working jobs we absolutely despise. 

I'm really hoping that the fall brings some actual hope and opportunities for me to get out of retail, and to take my channels to doing them full-time, and I also hope I can find a better job, even though I'm still in school. 

Finding new blogs
I've found some new blogs I absolutely love thanks to those blogger RT accounts, and because of this, I feel like I fit in more with the blogging community because for the longest time, I felt left out because I didn't exclusively just blog about a single niche; I blog about beauty, lifestyle, and gaming things. Finding blogs like mine made me feel so much better about my blog and I'm glad I discovered blogging RT accounts on Twitter. 

Do you have any plans for fall or this month in general? 

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  1. I think I found your blog via one of those Twitter RTs! Honestly, I feel the same way about them: It's nice to connect with other bloggers but growing your following can be a struggle! I wish you luck, though! And YAS autumn! Fall is my favorite season and I really want to enjoy it. I'm a freelance writer so my goal for this month is to grow my client base... and work on my blog, too. Yay, fall!