Five Things I Love to Have But Don't Need

by - Sunday, September 29, 2019

Yet another one inspired by Rebecca, and here's me putting my own twist on it as per usual. There are those things that we all love to have, but it wouldn't be a life or death situation if we didn't have them in our lives.

Owning Bath & Body Works items
I love me some Bath & Body Works items, from their fine fragrances to their candles to their hand soaps, and what I love about using all my BBW items is that they make me smell good, and make me feel good. The single wick candles I have from them have a strong fragrance when they're burned, which makes them great for a single room.

Having Victoria's Secret underwear & apparel
It's also no secret that I love Victoria's Secret underwear and apparel-I have quite a few hoodies and yoga pants as well as a lot of underwear, and they're the only brand that makes bras that fit me. Although I could probably find another bra somewhere else, it wouldn't fit the same as a VS one and that's why I appreciate their lingerie so much. Their apparel is also quite nice-even though I don't need it, I still love wearing them at home and outside.

My gaming gear
It's so cringey to say this, but I wouldn't die without my gaming gear, despite me trying to make a career out of it (so to speak). I have an Xbox, a Playstation, a Nintendo Switch, and a PC, and even though they might seem like necessities, they're really not as I'm not making money off my gaming gear right now via streaming, although it's a great and vital way to keep in touch with my friends.

Multiple lipsticks in the same shade
Literally every lipstick I buy now is in the same shade of some form of neutral pink, and even though I literally have roughly 100 lipsticks that are the same shade, I still can't help myself from buying more because although they're the same color, they're all slightly different and that's how I justify them, eh?

My Cameras 
This is another cringey one, but I wouldn't die without my cameras. My cameras mean the world to me and they have helped me so much in improving my photography skills, but having two is quite unnecessary-with my Canon T7i serving as my DSLR and my Canon G7X serving as my Youtube camera which I barely use because nobody really watches my channel. I've been trying to utilize my G7X in more blog photos by taking outfit photos sometimes, but I barely use the thing, but it's nice to know that I have it in case I want to use it.

What are some items you love to have but don't need?

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