Five Things I Miss About Living in Texas

by - Saturday, September 21, 2019

If you guys are long-time readers of this blog, you'll know that I lived in Texas for six years of my life and visit quite frequently. I've been making plans on moving back because I kind of miss the state that I grew up in, so here are some things I miss about being back in Texas!

99% of my extended family resides in the Dallas area, so going back there is always like a party in a way. I have 7 cousins (sadly one of them passed away two years ago), five aunts and uncles (again, one uncle passed away back in May), and a whole bunch of extended family to the point where I have no idea how they're related to me, but it's been in my plans for a while to move back and be with them because having two family members die in the span of almost 2 years is kind of taking its toll on me and it absolutely sucks being so far away. Also, I miss that fat ginger cat that belongs to two of my cousins. My favorite part of when I lived in Texas was being able to go to everyone's houses, as they were all a reasonable distance away.

Things to do
There are a lot of things to do in Texas because it's way bigger than Delaware, the state I currently live in, plus there's a lot of museums, malls, and other attractions. Heck, I have to go to Philadelphia or New Jersey to even have a smidge of fun!

Even though it gets miserably hot in Texas during the summer, it's pretty tolerable the rest of the year as they barely get snow. In Delaware, people can't handle precipitation, meaning people slow way the heck down when it starts drizzling or even lightly snowing and it gets on my nerves every time!

No stinking traffic or construction
The number of times I thought I was going to be late for class or work because my state's department of transportation loves to close off roads has been way too stress-inducing, and from the few times I've visited Texas since I left, they don't even shut off the roads when it's day, and it looks like they do all their construction when the roads are quiet; something my state should take into consideration.

People to talk to 
It's very difficult for me to make friends, so I unfortunately don't really have anyone I can talk to where I live, but in Texas, at least I have my cousins and uncles/aunts to talk to if I need anything.

What state are you from? Have you moved? Do you miss anything about your old state?

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