Four New Products from Kokie

by - Friday, September 06, 2019

Kokie Cosmetics was one of those drugstore brands I had an interest in but never was really interested in trying until now, and a few weeks ago I went and got four products: three lip products and a foundation.

The foundation I got was the Skin Perfect HD Foundation, which I find pretty good as it's another one of those really good mattifying drugstore foundations, and it's also buildable from medium to full coverage, which I love as I'm a full-coverage girl.

Now onto the three lip products I got....

The first lip product is the Lip Veneer in the shade Legend, which is a pale mauve nude. It feels a little bit thick in the tube, and unfortunately is a bit sticky, so it's basically just an opaque lipgloss. It's decent, but I'm not impressed as it's not the best lip gloss and the color is a bit unflattering on me.

The next lip product is the Lip Poudre in Rosewood and this product is my favorite out of the three lip products I got because Rosewood is that flattering neutral pink that everyone loves, and it's also matte, but has a soft blotted finish, like when you dust translucent powder over your lipstick to make it stay longer.

The last lip product is the Kissable Liquid Lipstick in the shade Sublime, which isn't as bad as the Lip Veneer, but it's still subpar as the liquid lipstick feels strangely sticky. Sublime is a flattering color at least, being a mauvey neutral pink, but like the Lip Veneer, I'm not impressed at all.

Overall, I feel like Kokie's liquid lip products are really hit or miss depending on how you like the formula of your liquid lip products, as I found everything quite mediocre except for the Lip Poudre, but the foundation is really good. I'd like to try some more products to get a better feel about this brand, though.

Have you tried Kokie before?

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