How I Blog/Make Content while Juggling Full Time School and a Part Time Job

by - Friday, September 20, 2019

I juggle a lot of things, but the three things I juggle are my part time job, full time school (albeit all my classes being at night), and content creation, especially Youtube, Twitch, and my blog. That's a lot to juggle, but here's how I manage it!

Taking photos on days off/before work
I take photos on my days off of work or before work in the evenings, and I end up editing them later on, either after class or after work, and it saves me a lot of time because by doing this, I have a lot of photos I can use later on and some photos even can be used multiple times! This also saves me from having to photograph at night when I'm too tired from class or work or even have to do classwork some days. I can do up to 30 photos per day on a decent day, maybe more.

Making videos/streaming on days off
Days off are also strictly for promoting old blog posts, making videos(mostly gameplay recordings and vlogs), making Instagram content and streaming (when I do feel like it), although sadly the streaming part hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped due to the Labor Day holiday which literally meant I had to work five days that week. It doesn't take me long to edit videos (mostly around an hour or two at most), and streams usually last up to 2-5 hours on end.

I used to blog every day, but then I realized that it was also important for me to promote my blog posts, so I switched my blog posting schedule to when I am at work because that way, I won't put that much stress on myself. Also, this saves me from having to promote myself during my breaks at work because I'd rather spend my breaks trying to at least prepare to go back to work. I only blog three days a week-Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while on Tuesdays and Thursdays I make other content for my other platforms and on the weekends is when I strictly self promote.

Promoting old blog posts at work
When I don't have a blog post scheduled on a certain days, I promote a lot using Blogger RT accounts to get more views on old posts, and I also use RT accounts to promote edited posts. Another tool I use is Buffer, which allows you to schedule tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts. I am currently using it for my Twitter, but I will start using it for my Facebook page as well. I also only have the free version, which allows you to schedule 10 posts, but that's more than enough because it allows me to schedule up to 2.5 days worth of reposts, which is plenty. When I don't have school or work, I also promote my own posts, but I promote them manually as I have the time that day.

How do you manage blogging with a full time job/full time school?

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