How I Got into Denim Again

by - Friday, September 27, 2019

Before my current job, I had not had a pair of jeans in years-probably 5-6 years at that (scary innit?). Now that I have a semi-proper denim wardrobe, it's time to talk about how I got back into it.

The most important thing about getting back into denim is finding your style of jean. For example, I am a skinny jean person through and through. Some people might suit the boyfriend style, others might suit straight leg, but I find that skinnies flatter me the most as they literally go with everything in my closet and they flatter my legs the most.

The next thing to think about when trying to get back into denim is color. I've always been a lover of the black skinnies, so that's literally all I buy when I even look for jeans. Others might love a light wash, others might love a dark wash.

How they fit in with the rest of your wardrobe
Skinnies fit my wardrobe pretty well as most of my closet is either all black or stripes, and I also tend to wear a lot of things that go with skinnies, like flannels, cardigans, and boots (also, skinnies remind me of my emo days).

The most important thing about me getting back into denim is the fit. The reason why I fell out of love with denim is because despite having skinnies, they didn't fit right. They were too loose and bagged in weird places. The brand I find that has the best fit is currently American Eagle but I'm willing to give Topshop a try as well. The most important part for me is that they fit on the hips and waist, because that's where I have the most trouble.

How have you gotten back into denim?

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