My Favorite Pieces for Fall

by - Sunday, September 08, 2019

I can't believe it will be the official start of fall in 6 days from now, and there are some pieces for fall that I have that I know I'm gonna wear

Flannel shirts
I have about 5 flannel shirts, mostly because I tend to dress a little grungy, and I often pull them out in the fall because I can wear them open or closed, but I tend to wear them open with a top under.

OTK boots
OTK boots are always a must in the fall, especially during those colder days when it's not raining but it's too cold to be going bare legged. They're a great alternative if you're like me and absolutely hate tights.

Floral long-sleeve dresses
I'm definitely gonna be looking for more of these dresses, as my current one is from Boohoo , but I love myself a good long sleeved floral dress, as they pair perfectly well with knee high or OTK boots during the fall.

Riding boots
I have a pair of riding boots from H&M and they pair well with skinny jeans and leggings.

Hunter Boots
I have a pair of Hunter rain boots, mostly because in autumn it starts literally pouring buckets and most of my shoes are not made for rain, so these are an absolute must.

I'm still searching for the perfect parka, but for now, the one I have now from H&M works for those colder days. I'm currently trying to look at brands like Barbour for inspiration.

Leather Jacket
Spring and autumn is when the leather jacket comes out for me, and I love wearing these with dresses to add an edge to an otherwise girly outfit, or to add a pop to a basic outfit.

Utility jacket
Utility jackets are another piece of outerwear I love to wear during the fall as it adds a pop of color to an all black outfit, and looks good with every kind of footwear I have.

What are your favorite pieces for fall?

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