My Top Wardrobe Essentials

by - Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Everyone has essentials when it comes to their closets and what's so cool about wardrobe essentials is that everyone is different when it comes to theirs, and here are mine...

A striped top or dress
One of my top essentials in my wardrobe is a striped top-whether or not it's a breton style top, shirt, long sleeved shirt, etc. or it can be a striped dress. I am a fan of the classic Parisian style and anything striped helps bring that to life, as well as pairing it with a red lip and flats.

Neutral colored shirts
One of my favorite wardrobe essentials is a neutral plain shirt-whether it's black like 99% of my closet, white, or grey. They go with EVERYTHING, from work outfits to school outfits, and you can make them casual or dress them up with a suit.

Always a must in my wardrobe, leggings are one of my essentials because I have quite the number of tops that are longer than hip length and wearing them with anything other than leggings makes them look bulky and awkward. Also, leggings are comfortable as heck.

Black skinnies
I've recently gotten into skinny jeans again and black skinnies are a must, especially for work purposes, and I've learned to appreciate denim again, although the most I'll ever dive into are black skinnies. They go with some of my shorter length tops and also with flannels and other stuff (ps I feel emo again in them lol).

Casual shoes/boots
One of the top essentials when it comes to shoes are casual shoes like Toms, Converse, and Vans and boots because those are literally the only shoes I feel comfortable in and that won't basically bruise my feet.

What are your top wardrobe essentials?

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