What I Use to Stream

by - Monday, September 02, 2019

If you guys didn't know from reading my blog, I stream on Twitch quite frequently, and here's everything I use to stream, from the consoles I have to the software I use!


  • Xbox-I stream from my Xbox quite frequently because it's the platform all my friends use. 
  • Playstation-I occasionally stream from my PS4 because I do have a few games that I really love from there 
PC I use: 
  • 2018 Dell G3 -Before I got my consoles, I used to stream (albeit without mic) on PC, mostly playing Left 4 Dead, and now I use my gaming laptop to stream. I use it to check on Twitch, but it also has other software I experiment with, like OBS and Streamlabs 
Capture Card: 
  • Elgato HD60S-There are two different type of Elgato capture cards-an external one and an internal one (that goes inside your computer). I have the external one as it's cheaper and does basically the same thing as the internal one would. One thing I'd definitely recommend is to get the Chat Link if you want to record party audio. 
  • Elgato Game Capture-I primarily use this when I stream because I can't figure out how to get audio to work on OBS or Streamlabs, but it works the same. The only bad thing about it is that I have to manually change the game within Twitch itself. 
  • OBS-This one I've tried to work on a lot, but just gave up as it wasn't cooperating with my Elgato when I tried to stream from PS4. 

Do you stream games yourself or do you know someone who does? 

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