Every Halo Game Rated from Most to Least Favorite

by - Wednesday, October 23, 2019

One of my favorite game series is Halo, and yes I've played through all of them, and here's my post ranking them from most to least favorite.

4-4 is my favorite Halo game for various reasons. First reason is that this is the first game where they introduced Forerunner weapons and enemies-Crawlers, Knights, and so on. It made the game feel new, and I love the soundtrack of this game. The ending was pretty good too although it was sad and I admit my heart broke a little bit.

5- This is the first game where you get to play from both sides-you get to play Locke, the leader of Fireteam Osiris who are looking for Master Chief-who now has assembled his own squad (Blue Team). Chief has disappeared, looking for Cortana, who is his former AI. This game also has forerunner weapons and enemies, and also introduces the climbing aspect, which comes in handy.

Reach-I love how you can customize how Noble 6 looks, which is the name of your character. This game basically takes place between the events of 3 and 4, and even though I haven't gotten really far (thanks to me dying a lot), it's a pretty good game and has a pretty good storyline. It also introduces characters you don't really see, like Emile and Kat.

3-Halo 3 is the first game you spend without Cortana for a majority of it, and it's actually kind of creepy seeing how she still haunts Chief despite him not having her in his system. My favorite part of this is the very last mission you have to do because it's kinda fun trying to outrun the Halo ring heating up, and the missions in this one prove challenging, but fun as well.

ODST-ODST follows a team of ODST (that stands for orbital drop shock troopers-different from Spartans as they're like regular soldiers) and you play the role of Edward buck (spoiler: he becomes a full fledged Spartan by 5). I love seeing the story behind this game and the audio logs provide some very telling background info.

2-2 is the weirdest game in the series imo, because you get to not only play from Chief's POV, you get to play from the Arbiter's POV. The Arbiter is a Covenant leader who basically is like a battle chief, and the gravemind actually forces Chief and Arbiter to work together at one point to prevent the Prophet from setting off the Ring on their planet.

Combat Evolved-The reason why Combat Evolved ranks so low for me personally is because even though it is a good introduction to the other games, there's not much going on-it's just a bunch of fighting and shooting with very little storyline.

Have you ever played Halo before?

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