Five Things I Love About Fallout 4

by - Friday, October 18, 2019

Recently, I've been playing a lot of Fallout 4, which is undoubtedly my favorite Fallout game of all time. Released back in 2015, it's fast approaching its 4 year anniversary and here are some reasons why I love the game.

1. It makes you pick what faction to join
This game is nothing like Skyrim, where you could basically join all the factions and become ruler of everything essentially. In this game, you are required to team up with one of three factions: the Brotherhood of Steel, who wishes to see all things that aren't human eradicated, the Railroad, who hate the Institute but also want to see synths who escaped live, and the Institute, the archenemy of the Commonwealth and who make human-like robots called Synths. If you go too far in a faction's questline, it will tell you that you are now enemies with that certain faction, with the biggest enemy being the Brotherhood of Steel if you have teamed up with the Institute or Railroad, or the Railroad and Institute if you have teamed up with the Brotherhood of Steel.

2. It makes post-apocalyptic pretty
In a post-apocalyptic world, especially one that was basically ruined by nuclear war, you would expect everything to be brown and ruined. That's not the case with Fallout 4. Despite everything being irradiated to high hell and back, there are flowers in the game and you have sunrises and sunsets.

3. The enemies
Unlike Skyrim, Fallout 4 has different kinds of enemies: Synths, wild animals like Yao Guais, which are bear-like creatures, Radstags, irradiated, deformed deer, and various insects like bloatflies and stingwings. The game also introduces raiders, who are essentially equivalent to bandits in Skyrim, and Gunners, so there are a lot of enemies. You even get legendary enemies who drop legendary weapons once defeated.

4. Celebrating holidays
What I find really cute about Fallout 4 is how they celebrate holidays in game (not in ral life). When it's Halloween, in Diamond City, you'll see the city decorated, and Christmas you'll see lights all around.

5. Dialogue 
I really love the dialogue options in the game, as you can learn so much more about a side quest you're doing. I also love the DLC missions that they introduced into the game later on (Far Harbor, Automatron, Vault Tec and Nuka World).

6. Companions
I love the different companions you can get in the game-from Dogmeat, a cute little dog, to Strong, a super mutant, to Nick Valentine, a synth detective from Diamond City.

Have you played Fallout 4 before?

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