How To Budget If You're Constantly #FeelingSpendy

by - Monday, October 07, 2019

If you're like me and undoubtedly lack the ability to save, then don't worry. I've got your back on how to budget if you're like me and constantly #feelingspendy.

Write down everything you make and everything you spend. 
I do this as it's easier to keep track of my finances that way. Also, I don't mean writing it down as in logging it in an Excel sheet, I mean physically writing it down. You can use an Excel sheet if you feel like it'll help you, but I find that writing it down makes more of an impact. With computers, your brain tends to think that it's not a big deal, which is a big mistake. Write down everything you make-whether it's income from your job, that inheritance grandma gave you before she passed away, your student loan refund, or that $100 you begged your parents for. Write down everything you spend too-that goes for all monthly bills like your phone bill, your gas bill, even monthly or biweekly payments on things you owe.

Use a debit card instead of a credit card
It's very easy to overspend with a credit card because your mind thinks of it as free money. I'm currently trying to pay off and get rid of my credit card, so I mostly just use my bank card.

Sometimes, starting over is the best choice
This is ultimately what ended up happening to me. I was getting hit with so many overdraft fees at my bank, I just had to close my account with them and start a new bank account at a different bank. Sometimes, if your constant spending habits lead you to this black hole, the best thing to do is start over fresh with a new bank account and watch how you spend your own money.

Use gift cards
It doesn't matter if it's a store gift card or one of those generic gift cards, use them when you have them. It will cut down your expenses, and if it's one of those generic gift cards, you can use them towards any bills you have to pay or things you owe.

Put it down
Sometimes, you see that really nice thing at the store and you really want to buy it? Put it down, and if you can't stop thinking about it two days later, you were meant to buy it. Putting things down will curb your impulses and it will also help you out in the long run.

How do you curb your spending when you're an overspender?

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