If I Could Have Any 3 Wishes Come True...

by - Wednesday, October 09, 2019

We all wish that genies in bottles could appear at any time right? The only problem is the three wishes that the genie would give us, and none of that "wishing for more wishes" fluff. Today, we're going to dive into and see what I'd wish for if a genie suddenly appeared right in front of my eyes.

1. Make my dream job my real job
My dream job is to be a content creator across a variety of platforms-that means Youtube, my blog, Twitch, Instagram, and whatever else have you. Content creation is something I'm very passionate about and it's also something I'd love to have as my dream job. Can't go wrong with that. Having my dream job as my real job would also mean that every day doesn't feel tedious or like it's a complete and utter drag.

2. Be financially stable 
I've been financially unstable for a while, and my second wish would be to be financially stable-that means I have all my ducks lined up in a row, no more worrying about overdraft fees or being able to pay off things I owe (and also being able to afford necessities like rent at an apartment or moving places)

3. Finding happiness in whatever I do
This is one of those cliche wishes that makes 99% of the human population roll their eyes but it's true. I just want to be happy, and doing whatever makes me happy with no consequences to my personal life. Being happy is of utmost importance to me because it's not nice feeling unhappy all the time.

What would you wish for if you had a genie?

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  1. Interesting prompt. I've always wished I could fly or teleport because I don't like driving, but maybe if I had a bunch of money, I could Uber ��