Why GTA V Means So Much to Me

by - Monday, October 21, 2019

One game that has recently meant a lot to me is GTA V. Weird, considering that my preferred genre of game are shooters, but let me tell you why this game means a lot to me.

This game is how I met most of my friends that I have now, thanks to my best friend Tabi. I was watching her stream it (on multiple nights) last year, and by the following year I had acquired an Xbox and started playing with the group of friends, and here we are.

Thanks to my group of friends, we now have what we call Saturday Shenanigans-where at least 4-5 of us get together and essentially cause chaos in GTA (mostly brought on by my end). We also do some of the races (admittedly I'm not a big fan, but it is fun). The screenshot was when one of my friends decided it would be a really good idea to steal a police car and drive it down  the subway steps. Good fun. 

(us at the nightclub. See that Steve from Blue's Clues clone?) 

GTA V isn't the most me-like game that I've ever played, but it does mean a lot because that's the game that symbolizes friendship to me. 

What game means the most to you?

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