Why I Stopped Being A Daily Blogger

by - Friday, October 11, 2019

I've been daily blogging ever since my blog started, but recently, I stopped daily blogging, and here's why.

Lack of ideas
Daily blogging was fun at first, but I quickly found out that I was running out of ideas every week or so as to what to write. I'm now in a place where I seriously want to hone my blogging skills and make this a potential career, and making blogging a potential career means I can't just half-ass things.

I've been also recently toying with the idea of self promoting within blogger retweet groups on Twitter and before that, I would have to write a thousand posts per day (at least, that's what it felt like) to even feel like I was being successful and that stressed me out to the point where I thought about quitting blogging for a bit. Feeling like you're a failure if you don't write at least ten posts per day is not fun.

No time
With my part time job and with full time night school plus making time for friends, I just didn't have the time to daily blog anymore. Keeping up with life is already exhausting enough, trying to promote myself every day wasn't worth it.

Practically no views
I found out the hard way that when I was daily blogging, each of my posts would only garner about 30 views, so I went ahead and deleted them because I knew why: they didn't take a lot of effort to write (I'm a fast typer, so each post takes me about 30 minutes to write now). Before quitting daily blogging, I was spending a lot of money on makeup that I would review and then barely use and it made me feel so guilty, so I stopped buying makeup and wrote mostly about lifestyle, but that didn't work either. I decided the best path was to blog about 4-5 times a week and then use the remaining two days to self promote, while using Buffer to promote old posts on the days I wasn't posting as well.

How has this helped me? 
Ever since I stopped daily blogging, I have put a lot more effort into promoting more posts, and I've seen my stats skyrocket due to me using those blogging retweet accounts, which I'm thankful to have discovered. I'm also not panicked to find ideas for my blog anymore, which takes a lot of stress off my load, and I can focus more on the things I want  to do.

Do you daily blog?

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