10 Things I Gave Up in my Low Buy

by - Monday, November 25, 2019

In order to pay off my huge credit card payment and to pay off some other things I have to pay off (like stuff I bought using services like Klarna and Affirm), in addition to saving up to pay off my future student loan and my payday loan, I've had to give up a few things just to make things work, and here are 25 of those things...

  1. Makeup-I know this is really hard considering I do blog about beauty, but I've had to give up buying makeup for a while, and you know what? It really is beneficial because I have enough makeup to last me about 2 lifetimes and that's a lot. I've decided to not buy any makeup until I use up at least half or 2/3s of what i have (barring repurchases) 
  2. Twitch/Patreon subscriptions-This one hurts way more than the makeup because some of my friends are affiliates on Twitch or have Patreon accounts and it honestly makes me feel horrid that I can no longer financially support them, but it's honestly not worth incurring a $35 overdraft fee when I know I don't have the $5 or $10 to support them. 
  3. Subscription boxes-This one is passable because subsciption boxes are fun, but I realize now they're mostly used for Youtube and blog content, and I've since stopped filming as much on Youtube. 
  4. Instacart-No more shopping for my own groceries rip. However, I can still use my mom's warehouse store card to get gas and food that I want there. 
  5. Netflix/Hulu-This one doesn't hurt either because the only thing I ever did watch on Netflix was the Walking Dead and repeatedly watching Zombieland (which is my favorite movie btw). Hulu is another thing I don't regret giving up because the only thing I ever did watch on there was the odd zombie movie I haven't seen and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 
  6. Crunchyroll-This one hurts a little more than Netflix or Hulu because I am an anime nerd (I was in the middle of watching the Ace Attorney anime after watching my internet sister/best friend Tabi play through the entire game on her streams), but I'll get it back once I have enough money. 
  7. Clothes shopping-I'm not a huge fan of clothes shopping, but when I do shop, it's mostly on Boohoo and shoe sites. I've spent over $300 on shoes and clothes alone, and honestly, it doesn't even hurt at all because with some other items in my wardrobe, I can put together an outfit for work in about 5 minutes. 
  8. Games-I've had to stop buying games because of my low buy (which hurts my heart as a huge gamer), but I know that I'll be able to get those games later, whether or not they're part of a sale. 
  9. Impulse buys on Amazon-This one does not hurt at all because Amazon is a dangerous trap where I get sucked in and buy some impulsive things like a phone stand, anything rose gold, and looking there is dangerous too because I always  find something I either need or want. 
  10. Subscriptions in general-I've had to stop my Rooster Teeth First subscription mainly because it's now the same price as a year's worth of Xbox Live Gold ($60), and for me to pay $120 for two subscriptions isn't worth it, especially one I barely even use (I only used my Rooster Teeth First to watch old episodes of RWBY and Red vs Blue). 
What things have you given up in your low buy? 

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