My Favorite Scents for Autumn from Bath & Body Works

by - Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Bath & Body Works is my all time favorite store, because they have two semi-annual sales (one in summer, one in winter), and they always come out with new scents, so for today's post I decided to go over some of my favorite scents for autumn and winter.


Brown Sugar & Fig 
Notes: Fresh fig, coconut milk, caramelized brown sugar
It's so hard to describe scents in a blog post, but if I could sum this one up, it smells slightly fruity, but the brown sugar is what makes it more autumnal and cozy feeling. 

Tutti Frutti Golden Honey Praline
Notes: Creamy caramel, praline musk, golden honey
This is just autumn in a bottle because the honey and caramel mixed together makes it smell totally like autumn (y'know, kinda like a caramel coffee drink...) 

Golden Pear & Brown Sugar 
Notes: Bartlett pear, brown sugar, almond creme 
This scent just screams 100% fall because it's slightly fruity cuz of the pear (also pears remind me of autumn, does anyone else think pears are an autumnal fruit?) and the brown sugar. 

Pumpkin Cupcake 
Notes: Baked pumpkin, vanilla frosting, golden honey 
This would be what I suppose a pumpkin spice latte would smell like if all the scent was sucked out of it and bottled up-it's the epitome of autumn after all. 

Tutti Dolci Golden Honey Praline
The Golden Honey Praline Body Cream smells exactly like the body spray, so there's no need to really go over the scent again-except the body cream has a slightly richer scent. 

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice 
Notes:  Heirloom pumpkin, royal cinnamon, apple cider 
This smells like the pumpkin juice from Harry Potter (I've tried some and it is phenomenal), and it's 100% fall approved. 

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 
Notes: Heirloom pumpkin, autumn cinnamon, ginger snap, whipped vanilla
This is yet another pumpkin scent (I seem to go for the pumpkin scents in the autumn), but I love how it smells, and it smells just like a pumpkin pie too. 

Champagne Apple & Honey 
Notes: Pink lady apple, sparkling champagne, jasmine honey, autumn woods
This is the scent that reminds me of the last few days between summer and autumn-when everyone gets their apple baking posts out and everyone's just apple crazy in general. 

What are your favorite autumnal scents? 

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