October's Money Diary

by - Friday, November 01, 2019

October was the month where I finally decided to get my sh*t together and start paying off some of my debts. Of course, that didn't come without some spending, so here's how much I spent so far in October!

Income from Paychecks: $1,277
Other sources of income: $572

I get paid weekly (which is a good thing), so that means that I get paid less, but more frequently, which would have been a trap had I not tried to save to pay off some stuff I owe.

Payments: $1,208
Non-important purchases: $107
Food: $14
Medication: $15
Coffee: $35
Other:  $4
Bills: $228

Leftover: $64

I spent most of my money on paying off stuff. I spent a lot more than I would have liked on the non important purchases (which included a new jacket, a Lightning SD Card Adapter, and sour sweets), but everything else looked good (I also have a pretty impressive Starbucks habit). The two biggest things for this month is that I was able to play off my Klarna purchase and my Affirm purchase for my PS4, so all I need to do is pay off my iPad, the rest of my payday loan, my credit card, and my Amazon store card.

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